Ledisi: Lyricist and Storyteller

Ledisi:  Lyricist and Storyteller

written by: Leanee Brown

She’s excited about it all! Her headlining tour, recent album, and new book, Ledisi is truly Better than Alright!

Talking with Ledisi is like having wholesome banter with your best girlfriend.  It just feels easy and natural.  There is no surprise that this soulful and wise essence of beauty would collaborate with ESSENCE, the world’s premiere brand for African-American women, to pen her book.  Better Than Alright: Finding Peace, Love & Power, is filled with affirmations, poetry, pictures, and deeply personal journal entries stemming from memories, experiences and life’s lessons we can all learn from.

“Tell me I can’t, and I’ll show you I can,” proclaims Ledisi.  She confides that a dare fueled what would become this innovative literary work.  Better than Alright was birthed from love affairs and heart breaks, lies and truths, laughter and tears, joy and pain.   Ledisi has so deliberately and lovingly explored different pieces of herself in the 176 pages.  “This is my journey:  the good and the bad.  I am deliberately challenging the thinking of my readers.  It’s interactive and reflective.”

Thought provoking and raw, Ledisi lays it all out.  The book tells her life story and her music is its soundtrack.  She is proud. Rightfully so; she’s received 3 Grammy nods and will begin her B.G.T.Y (Be  Good To Yourself ) tour of sold out performances.  Her latest album “Pieces of Me”meshed both generations, the old school and new school.  Her book, Better Than Alright, tells how she came and overcame.   “I have to be Ledisi.  When I create my art, I create freely.  I trust God and listen to my spirit.”  And I do believe that is what her fans love most about her.  We feel like we know Ledisi.  Whether we hear a sprinkle of jazz, a dash of gospel, or a cup of R&B, it’s all right, Ledisi.  Matter of fact, it’s better than alright!

Better Than Alright (Time Home Entertainment, Inc.) hit stores on June 5.  See Ledisi perform on July 12 @ 8 pm Country Club Hills Theatre.  Visit www.ledisi.com or ticketmaster.com for tour dates.

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