How NATO Has Affected Me.....

How NATO Has Affected Me.....

If you're a Chicagoan, NATO has affected you in some way or another. Whether it's travel time, bus routes, or threats; you've encountered the effects of NATO.  I am a radio and television broadcaster, who's currently honing my skills at Illinois Center for Broadcasting. Thursday afternoon we shut down early to prepare for the crazies who might decide to break into the school and use the equipment, BROADCAST their message. My school is currently closed for four days! or until NATO and the protesters leave.

During the week leading up to the NATO summit, security has been tighter downtown and at my school. I was told by the administration that the protesters will be walking right past our building, which made us a prime target for vandalism. It will be interesting to see what's happened when I go back on Tuesday.

I haven't been affected as much as others. One of my classmates works for the Federal Building and he stated in one day  he had to arrest more than 14 people. Some of the protesters threw feces filled balloons and sprayed urine with a Super Soaker Water Gun. I heard of another instance where a protester got on a Metra train and threatened to blow it up but was apprehend by police. With all of this radical behavior, I am confused about the message protesters are trying to convey.

Is it: You don't have a toilet to properly dispose of your bowels? 

Help me understand the message behind throwing feces or any other matter on buildings or people! It's officially Chi-raq this weekend. Share your stories of how NATO has affected you,  if you have any.

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