Interview: Actress Karimah Westbrook

Yesterday, I  had the pleasure of conducting a one-on-one interview with actress, writer, and producer Karimah Westbrook. Karimah has worked along side the likes of Johnny Depp, Mario Van Peebles, Alfre Woodard, Anthony Mackie, Giovanni Ribisi and Xzibit on the big screen. Amassing an impressive list of film and T.V appearances, Westbrook has worked on T.V. shows such as Mad Men, ER, Without A Trace, Mad TV, LOOK, The District and Girlfriends to name a few.

She is in town this weekend for her highly anticipated Acting Seminar. Click here for more information.

While speaking to Karimah, her passion becomes infectious and inspiring. During my interview I had a chance to discuss the transition from Chicago to LA, her drive for the industry, and more. I can not wait to share the final clip of the interview. In the meantime, please enjoy some snap shots from the interview.


Photos courtesy of Carlos Saqidd/Vignette Experience

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