Now Introducing: Rello

Now Introducing: Rello

Young, sliently aggressive, and talented are the words I would use to describe Rello. With the market being inundated with premature aspiring rappers,  Rello is actually a breath of fresh air. His beginnings are quite simple. He started his rap journey at the very tender age of 9. At 15 years old he was signed on as a talent with Mathaus Entertainment with one catch ....he had to completely change his rapping style.

"I told him that if wanted to be on our label he had to stop cursing and find a different style  to convey his music" states Matthew CEO of Mathaus Entertainment.

"I just thought he was being an asshole" expressed Rello as he recollects his first time he approached Matthew about doing business with him. Nevertheless,  Rello's passion and love for the industry made him take heed to Matthews advice. Rello went back into the studio and rewrote, reworded and recorded everything he originally released. He  has been on a new journey....a positive journey as a self conscious rapper. With influences such as J. Cole, Jay-Z, and Lupe Fiasco, Rello’s plan to move forward with his career is driven by his emphasis on impacting listeners, specifically by distributing a positive message from a young, Black male’s perspective.

With several years of experience developing his craft and a couple mixtapes under his belt, Rello is now ready to unleash his mainstream style on the masses with his debut album City of Dreams. While most of his contemporaries rhyme about material things, Rello’s lyrics are geared towards inspiring his fans.

During an intimate dinner at Cantina Laredo with Matthew & Rello, it was impossible to not become increasingly intrigued and compelled to support their uplifting movement. Matthew is adamant about producing positive music, relationships and mostly importantly talent; which Rello is an example of.

Be apart of the movement and listen to a couple of tracks from Rello's upcoming album.

Support positive music, minds, and musicians.

Make It- Rello

Hip Hop- Rello

Great Mind Dreaming - Rello


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  • where can i find his mixtapes? paige's mixtape dude impressed the hell out of me.. that his first tape?

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