Now Introducing: Tenisha Rochelle

Now that I've started my own blog it feels good to have control over what I can publish. Every so often, I've decided that I will be introducing readers to fresh musical artists, fashion designers, movies....etc. With that be said, this Nashville native has the pleasure of being the first person featured on Just Nekia Nichelle's: Now Introducing segment of this blog.



After typing in in my address bar, I didn't know what to expect when I visited Tenisha's site for the first time. With so many people approaching me and telling me they know someone that can sing or someone explaining to me why they should be featured on my blog; it's hard to decipher who is truly good or bad. But once the soulful, sensual, and refreshing voice of Tenisha Rochelle came through my laptop speakers it was a wrap! I listened to her song for 5 seconds and knew I wanted to feature her. Then I wondered "why isn't this girls CD in everyone's home?". She's even gotten positive approval of her talents from Linda Perry.

Tenisha's voice is so distinguishable by her eccentric blend of soul, jazz, and folk music. During our interview,  the songstress had a hard time describing her musical genre because she pulls from many different genres. She explains "I grew up listening to so many different types of music that it's really hard for me to categorize my own. I just really blend what I feel is good."

Good! Is what Tenisha is and that's the motto she embodies. I had the pleasure of learning more about this talented singer/songwriter, check out more of my interview below:

Just Nekia Nichelle: How does your music differ from what's out today? 

Tenisha: I think I have some real true and honest lyrics. I talk about love, I talk about life. I think a lot of people talk about that but I don't water down the lyrics. I try and stay true to what it is that I feel and what I see in my writing. I am not really concentrating on making it commercial or pop, but rather just making it good. I still value good music that comes from the soul or the heart. I just dont want to pump out music that is not going to be classic. I want classic music. I still listen to Anita Baker because it's good. 

JNN: Since being a musical artist is such a tough market, how do you remain true to yourself? 

Tenisha: That's a hard issue. The heart of it is, I am not really that girl. I do not write like that, I just naturally don't! There are so many artists that write pop music. They do what they do, but I have a hard time doing what they do [laughs]. Even if I wanted to merge onto that path, I don't think it would be accepted because I wouldn't be accepted. There's always the temptation to get signed but that is not fulfilling for me. I want to put out good music and if it never becomes mainstream then that's ok. Being myself keeps me off of the "pop" path. 

JNN: In 2nd grade, you studied classic music? ...Wow

Tenisha: Yes, my mom is going to be so mad if she hears this repeated. I wasn't even  interested in playing piano. It was just one of my classmates played the piano and she got all this attention cause she was good at it. I said "I can do that!" My mom came to me and offered me the opportunity to take lessons and my first thought was "No" but then I agreed. 12 years later I was still playing piano. I still hated it but I kept going because I was good at it. I love the guitar though. 

JNN: Who would you love collaborate with dead or alive?

Tenisha: D'Angelo (but back in the 90's)! If I can sit in a session with him, Pino Palladino, and ?estlove. I just want to sit in a room and have them play something with me and just vocally jam that would make my life. I would also would love to collab with Sade. I LOVE Sade! 

JNN: What's next for you? 

Tenisha: More touring....songwriting and focusing on my new project. 

If you want to hear some GOOD music then visit Tenisha's site

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  • It's very nice to hear of a new talent worth reporting. I would like to suggest a little push for some "old" hometown talent, i.e. Senabella Gill. She is working to promote the unbelievable talent right here in Bronzeville.

    This is soulful look at southside women who can really sing. Her show "Bronzeville Diva's" is at the Illinois Institute of Technology once a month. You might want to interview this lady. She has wonderful stories and is planning a revue of southside music, stories and history.

  • In reply to Danie:

    Cool! I will check her out. Thanks for reading :-)

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