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Sick Of Hearing About Trayvon Martin

Sick Of Hearing About Trayvon Martin
I am sick of hearing about Trayvon Martin, the young man shot and killed by George Zimmerman. I am also sick of hearing about Hadiya Pendleton, Justin Murray, Dajae Coleman, Dantrell Davis and the hundreds of young people whose lives were cut short by violence. As a father, brother, husband and citizen of this great country I am sickened... Read more »

5 Reasons Social Media Is Great For Business

5 Reasons Social Media Is Great For Business
Several years ago I pitched some emails into the virtual cylindrical file (the trash) from a friend who insisted he “had closed over $1 billion in new business on Linkedin. ” Despite this, I embrace social media as a great way to build business relationships.  In the past few years through my own experiences I... Read more »
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    Bill Gaul is a native Chicagoan; a married father of four wonderful children. He spends his days working as a financial advisor to successful families. In his (scarce) spare time he sees a ridiculous amount of theater and enjoys reading, writing and buttermilk donuts.

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