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This Phone Is Dumb: Should I Opt Out?

This Phone Is Dumb: Should I Opt Out?
They call them smartphones but this phone is dumb. My smartphone and the ones around me, everywhere I turn, are dumb.  My smartphone is dumb because it ensnares me on a daily basis and prevents me from experiencing the world around me. The other day I was waiting on a client in a restaurant at... Read more »

Five Types Of Facebook Users To Avoid

<strong>1) The "No Filters" -</strong>  These are the people who can't seem to get through the hour without a potty mouthed rant about their spouse, kid or cat.  They also tend murder to murder words as if they are boning a beef shank.
Facebook is a fun way to build a social network.  It’s also a narcissist’s nirvana.  There are some definite types of users to avoid on Facebook.  But first, let me warn those of you who SHOULD AVOID FACEBOOK AT ALL COSTS. Do not sign up for Facebook if you don’t have kids and want them, have... Read more »

5 Reasons Social Media Is Great For Business

5 Reasons Social Media Is Great For Business
Several years ago I pitched some emails into the virtual cylindrical file (the trash) from a friend who insisted he “had closed over $1 billion in new business on Linkedin. ” Despite this, I embrace social media as a great way to build business relationships.  In the past few years through my own experiences I... Read more »
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