Kansas City Royals World Series: 5 Things To Love About Their Remarkable Run

Kansas City Royals World Series: 5 Things To Love About Their Remarkable Run

The Kansas City Royals are headed to the World Series. After missing the playoffs for 29 straight seasons the Kansas City Royals have won their third American League pennant and first since 1985. It's hard not to root for the Royals and marvel at their remarkable run. Here are 5 things to love about the this year's Kansas City Royals:

1) The Kansas City Royals beat tremendous odds. Let's face it - major league baseball is essentially rigged. Without a salary cap or true revenue sharing it safe to say a third of teams have no real shot at winning even in the Moneyball, sabermetrics era. Deep pockets in big TV markets such as New York and Los Angeles mean almost certain success. The Kansas City Royals are in the World Series despite  consistently having one of the lowest payrolls in baseball.

2) The Kansas City Royals are the epitome of a team.  Quickly, can you name two members of the Kansas City Royals? George Brett, the greatest Royal, retired over twenty years ago. While toiling in midwest obscurity its safe to say most fans couldn't pick these guys out of a lineup. No matter as the Royals jelled at the right time. Third baseman Mike Moustakas was sent down to the minors  during the season before becoming a playoff hero. Pitcher Brandon Finnegan was pitching in the College World Series last spring.

3) The Kansas City Royals didn't just crash the party; they kicked the door in and stormed the dance floor.  The Royals have yet to lose a playoff game. First came a one game wild card win over the Oakland A's, followed by a three game sweep of the Los Angeles Angels (think big market bully), then a four game sweep of the Baltimore Orioles and a chance pop the champagne for the fourth time in three weeks.

4) The Kansas City Royals are a lesson in perseverance. Royals founder Ewing Kaufman feared new owners would move the team noting, "No one would want to buy a baseball team that consistently loses millions of dollars and had little prospect of making money because it was in a small city." General Manager Dayton Moore preached patience to restless fans as slowly built from within. The Royals consist of, for the most part, home grown, inexpensive talent, a necessary formula for any small market team hoping to compete.

5) The Kansas City Royals have humble leaders.  There are no player hystrionics. In management there are no Mark Cuban, Mike Ditka types. Manager Ned Yost could easily be your neighborhood PTA president. It's hard not to pull for the underdog.


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