Why Father's Day Isn't My Thing

Why Father's Day Isn't My Thing

Happy Father's Day to all. There - I said it and I mean it. I get that Father's Day is significant to Dad's everywhere. Just not for me.

It's not that I don't appreciate taking the time to thank Dads for all they do. And I would never want to take away from another man's celebration. But I'm just not into it; never have been. I guess through the years I felt like a card or necktie wasn't necessary; an artificial way to say "I love you" when we say it to each other every day.

When my twins were younger I used to turn to them and ask, "What's my favorite thing in the whole wide world?" "Being our Dad" was the learned response. Nothing I have done or will ever do in life is as important to me as raising my four children. It warms my heart when my four-year-old races to see me at the end of the day, my six-year-old crawls into my lap on her own or my teens live the lessons I have imparted since they were young. Father's Day was the moment I first looked in their eyes. Each day since has been a gift.

Maybe my indifference towards Father's Day is because I am more of a "doer" in relationships, showing my love by actions more so than words. Fatherhood is a verb. It's one thing to say you will be at a kid's recital or help with homework, quite another to be there. When my teens were younger I was "all in," in the pool, at the birthday parties, coaching and participating in their lives. Now, as teenagers, we have new rituals as they carve out their independence. They want me there but at a distance. My teenagers are old enough to know all I want for Father's Day is to be with them and realize how much I love them and believe in them. My kids are my pride and joy and I try to make every day Father's Day.

I continue to call on and pray for Dads who uninvolved in their children's lives. Make this the day, month and year that you commit to a new way. There is no greater gift than being a loving, active presence in your child's life. Life is full of second acts and a child never stops wanting his father's love.

What you get in return can't be captured by Hallmark.


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