My "Love Letter" To Water

My "Love Letter" To Water

Throughout my life the most relaxing moments have come with water. I have always loved being by or in water whether on a beach, a pier, a boat or trail. I love the seasonal aspects of water and sense of fresh renewal from experiencing it. To fish a lake for hours on end, with ears tuned only to nature's soundtrack, is heaven. To walk out on a frozen lake at night, illuminated only by the moon, is bliss.

I love water for nourishment, exercise and relaxation. Water is second nature to me today. As a child my parents took us on regular trips to campgrounds or destinations near a lake year-round. Among my favorite memories are waking in the tent, running out to shore's end early in the morning, wading to my knees as the sun came up. I first started distance swimming in middle school when my mother took me along for her laps at the Y.

Today I love playing with my own kids in the pool or lake for hours on end. I love being on a lake with family, witnessing the sun drop through the clouds, behind trees as our faces glow at dusk.

I love the fact that water represents strength, calm and everything in between.  I love the air after freshly fallen rain as much as the bright sun over frozen waves.

Water brings me closer to nature and closer to God. There is a hidden power and mystery beneath the surface as one stands on a lakefront and looks out on a body of water with seemingly no end.

I love water because it gives me perspective; it helps place me in relation to our world. We are a part of it, not the origin or the end. With water comes endless possibilities.

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