Living Life Without Fear Of Death

Living Life Without Fear Of Death
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I don't fear death. Never have. I like to think its rooted in my Catholic faith and belief in heaven.

It's not like the subject of death comes up a lot, yet it surfaces enough as I grow older. Young people think they are invincible. I felt that way as I ate late night pizzas,regular soda and lived on minimal sleep.

Then somewhere along the line, as I hit my thirties, had children and schleped  off to work each day it kind of snuck up on me; a realization that our time here is borrowed and that tomorrow is not promised.

Then, inevitably, I started hearing about and gathering to celebrate the lives of friends gone too soon, joined together in our most vulnerable moments.

I can't pinpoint a time or place that I realized that death doesn't scare me. But I can say that through time the lack of fear has strengthened me.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not ready to die. And I don't want to die. But I have a legacy and know that plenty of people would be left behind to embrace and guide my children. Looking in their eyes today gives me a sense of calming immortality.

I don't fear death. My faith strengthens me as much as a desire to live in the moment, something I never thought about when I was young. Many people I have known through the years chase the "carrot" of money, status and material things. They seem genuinely unhappy and, perhaps, fear death solely because they are not at peace until each and every goal is attained. To them, life is akin to forever running up an escalator.

So I don't fear death. Spiders and clowns? Now that's a different story.




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