Southern Illinois Coach Barry Hinson: Out of Line?

Southern Illinois Coach Barry Hinson: Out of Line?

Southern Illinois basketball coach Barry Hinson is now a household name. Coach Hinson was not happy with his team after a loss to Murray State dropped them to 2-8 so he "went off" at a post game press conference. Among other things, Hinson said his wife could post up more effectively than his big men, that his players were "mama's boys" and that they should be treated like puppies in training - "bad dog."

Here's a clip of Hinson's rant:

Barry Hinson wasn't happy. And today he didn't apologize  other than for calling out a specific player, point guard Marcus Fillyaw, who he deemed "awful." Southern Illinois Athletic Director Mario Moccia said Hinson would not be disciplined for the rant, saying his coach was prone to "Yosemite Sam" moments.

My first reaction to Barry Hinson's rant was laughter, as I am confident his feelings reflected those of virtually every coach in the country at some point (here are a few epic coach meltdowns). Working with pampered athletes isn't easy at any level. On the Southern Illinois website, Coach Hinson is described as having won over the fan base with his folksy charm and blunt observations about his squad.

So there ya' have it: Coach Hinson is a straight shooter. The question is whether Barry Hinson lost (or is losing) his players for not keeping things "in-house." He can be right about his team's play and specific players but calling them out in the media is poor form. Fans, parents and other coaches were quick to support him, but the fact is he lost his cool while coaching a losing team. If Southern Illinois continues to lose, Barry Hinson's rant will fit nicely into a simple three step formula: 1) Coach loses cool; 2) Team doesn't respond, keeps losing and 3) Coach loses job. Or to quote Yosemite Sam, “Say yer prayers varmint!”

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