Why I Love "Back To School" Pictures on Facebook

Why I Love "Back To School" Pictures on Facebook
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When I was a kid the end of summer meant a trip to the dime store, the shoe store and browsing through the Sears catalog in search of Toughskins jeans - husky size. Remember Toughskins?




I'm sure my parents took some pictures that were quickly relegated to the family album.

Today, thanks to Facebook, school age kids have their future "OMG" moments shared with several hundred of their parent's friends. And I love every minute of it.

There's nothing quite like the end of August slide show of happy, smiling kids gracing computer screens everywhere. I love seeing the joy in a kid's eyes along with a fresh haircut and new clothes.

What else do I love about Facebook back to school pics?

The focus is on the kids instead of the parents. I'm as guilty as the next Dad of snapping photos of myself with my kids at games, parks or landmarks. But the first day of school is the one day where kids are featured alone. It's their day and parents appreciate it. That's cool. 

Back to school pictures are candid, not canned. I'm not a fan of "studio" school pics by professional photographers. Kids are perfectly imperfect. The best shots bring that out. I'd much prefer an impromptu shot of one of my kids rolling their eyes at me or hugging a sibling than a day at the portrait studio.

Kids are excited about a fresh start. Like baseball teams in the spring grade school kids get a clean slate every fall.  New teacher, new classroom, new classmates. Can you imagine what life would be like if adults got to start fresh with their job every year?

The kids are alright.  Which means, hopefully, the parents are alright. Back to school pics are a rite of passage; an opportunity to smile and remember the precious nature of life and friendships. 

Are you a fan of Facebook back to school pics? I would enjoy hearing from you in the comments section.

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