Best of Chicagoland: Chicago Bandits Softball

Best of Chicagoland: Chicago Bandits Softball

Have you had the chance to check out Chicago Bandits softball? I took my four kids, including three daughters, to the The Ballpark of Rosemont for the first time recently.

The park is a gem.  Not a bad seat, free parking, accessible, reasonably priced concessions and clean washrooms (emphasis on clean washrooms since I wore a hole in the aisle traveling back and forth for potty breaks).

But that's not why I went.

I ventured out to Rosemont so my daughter Audra, age 5, could experience women playing ball. This after dozens and dozens of trips through the years with her sisters to see her big brother, now in high school, compete in every sport known to man.  She had the chance to play t-ball this spring, the only girl on her team, and loved it. For me, the bifocal Dad, it meant t-ball in the morning and high school baseball in the afternoon.

The circle of (sporting) life.

We've watched some college softball on T.V. (she loves the bows) but it's not the same. For kids, hopefully, it's all about the experiences.

What I experienced at the Bandits game was a young girl beaming with endless possibilities. My parents grew up in a world where girls mostly cheered on the boys.  My female peers played sports in high school and college, not for a living. My girls live in a different, wonderful world.

How different? After five innings the lightning alarm went off, forcing us down from the stands to the concourse. After (naturally) a bathroom break I looked up and saw several players from both teams mingling with fans.  Can you picture A-Rod or Barry Bonds visiting with fans during a rain delay?

I don't know if Audra will end up playing professional anything. But I'm grateful she has the chance to dream.

Add Chicago Bandits softball to Chicagoland's Best of Summer.

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