Make Every Day Father's Day

Make Every Day Father's Day

We all know about the child who asks how come there's Father's Day and Mother's Day but no kids day. "Because every day is kids day," I'm sure I heard at some point in my youth. Today as a father of four I wonder why the opposite isn't true - how come Dad's don't make every day Father's Day?

How come men in our society neglect their children in droves? Parenting is a choice. Being present in your child's life is a choice. Men matter.  Fathers matter.

It's a choice and a challenge that too many walk away from for whatever reason.  My prayer is that on this Father's Day, and every day, men will recommit to be present in their children's lives.

There's an old Chris Rock joke where a man is described to him as having many shortcomings but "he takes care of his kids." "You're supposed to take care of your kids," Rock exclaims. You just do it. There are no trophies for fatherhood and I don't want any  career highlights on my tombstone.

The rewards of parenting are great and everlasting; a never ending marathon filled with fatigue and exhilaration.  

Being a parent is never easy. I'm reminded of the enormity when I sit down at the dinner table and have eight eyeballs (not including the wife) looking back at me.  But I wouldn't trade anything for the opportunity to provide love and belief in another human being.  When I look back into their eyes I am reminded of former Buffalo Bills coach Marv Levy. While leading his team to four Super Bowls Levy used to walk the field during warmups and ask his players, "Is there any place in the world you would rather be than right here, right now."

The answer, of course, is no.

Happy Father's Day.

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