Cell Phone While Driving? Teach The Kids Early

Cell Phone While Driving? Teach The Kids Early

If you catch me using a cell phone while driving I owe you five bucks. That was the plan I hatched with my twins, then 11, in the hopes of alerting them to the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. I kept it simple. Bust me on a cell phone while driving? Five bucks. I took action several years ago as my kids started asking about driving, period. The first time I realized the little ones would soon be off to the races I broke out in a cold sweat. I remember one instance where my daughter said she would "get other people to drive me" which somehow left me more concerned than the thought of two teens behind the wheel.

So I took action, looking to set an example. Catch your Dad with a phone to the ear while driving? Five bucks to you.  Yet I was the one who learned.  In my work as a wealth manager  I am regularly on a cell phone while driving. Time in the car commuting to the office and meetings are an opportunity to connect with clients.  At first as the kids tried to bust me I got caught up in "technicalities" such as a call placed while parked at a stoplight (no foul) or answered on speaker phone (foul).  Over the years I have come to appreciate their vigilance. They have collected some cash while forcing me to lead by example.  The dawning of smart phones  has heightened the temptation now that we have the ability to check sports scores, wikipedia or Facebook while cruising the interstate.

If you are looking for help there are apps available to prevent teens from texting behind the wheel. 

How do you deal with teaching teens use of a cell phone while driving? I would enjoy hearing from you in the comments section.

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