Five Types Of Facebook Users To Avoid

Facebook is a fun way to build a social network.  It's also a narcissist's nirvana.  There are some definite types of users to avoid on Facebook.  But first, let me warn those of you who SHOULD AVOID FACEBOOK AT ALL COSTS.

Do not sign up for Facebook if you don't have kids and want them, have kids and don't want them, are recovering (or think you're recovering) from addiction to anything, are in a bad relationship, divorced, widowed, or wishing you were divorced or widowed.  Avoid Facebook if you are a relative, close friend, colleague or neighbor of any said persons or if you find yourself traumatized just reading the prior sentence.

Once you join Facebook you will discover these five archetypes:

What types of Facebook users do you try to avoid?  I would enjoy hearing from you and will never send you a game request if you like us on Facebook.

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