New Year's 2013: 5 Resolutions I'm NOT Making

New Year's 2013: 5 Resolutions I'm NOT Making

2012 was a good year both personally and professionally.  While may of you, I'm sure, are in the habit of making new year's resolutions, I am not one to join the party.  Perhaps it's because I work in the financial services field, where year-end performance numbers often seem an arbitrary means of measurement.

I think of new year's resolutions in the same way.  If something needs improving the time to act is now, not in January of the following year.  There are, however, 5 things I pledge NOT to do in 2013.

1)  I am NOT going to lose weight or eat better.  I eat just fine, thank you.  In fact, I usually graze the buffet line with the grace and subtlety of a black bear.  If you place popcorn, Fritos, peanuts or ice cream within ten yards of my grubby paws you risk life and limb.

I do work out regularly, not counting the endless trips to the bathroom with my toddlers. Each January my local YMCA is overrun with new members like taverns in April for baseball's opening day. And by February, like taverns in September, most are long gone.

2) I am NOT doing any juicing, cleansing or grouting in the new year.  The wife suggested we cleanse together recently, giving me the opportunity to bat down any need for another "colon blow."  I do quite well in the, ahem, cleansing area, as the kids can attest while they eagerly await my return from the head.

3) I am NOT jumping on any bandwagons.   Whether it's Psy's "Gangnam Style" , bashing Tim Tebow  or going gaga over Jeremy Lin and Justin Bieber, the trend is not my friend. I'll leave my "Gangnam" moves at home along with the Yankees jersey and overgrown baseball hat.

4) I am NOT giving up the remote.  Or to paraphrase Charlton Heston you can grab the remote "from my cold dead hands."  Channel surfing is an art; a rite of passage for men like flatulence (see number 2), building a fire or whittling wood.  No need for a DVR when you can watch five shows at a time.

5) I am NOT going to fret about "quantity time" with my teens.   Two bits of wisdom when conversing with adolescents: First, go for long drives.  Somehow both of us staring out the window is akin to a couples retreat when it comes to conversation.   Second, when a teen opens their mouth, drop everything and jump in the car.  In teen time, ten minutes equals an hour.  With teens it's about quality, not quantity.

Are you making resolutions this year?  I would enjoy hearing from you.  Thank you for reading and I would love it if you would  like us on Facebook.

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