Everybody In The Pool!

Everybody In The Pool!

Summer is in full swing, which means fall must be a week or so away. 

Between summer school, camps, baseball and golf, it flies by.

And of course swimming.

I am the fearless leader of a swimming family.  I started swimming in junior high when my mother would take me to the local Y for her workouts.  I kept it up in high school as a training method for other sports (I hate running) and have been at it ever since.  

As for my kids, the first question at the doctor's office was, "When can I get them in the pool?"

Swimming is a great family activity for three reasons:

1) It's fun for everyone at any age.  There are two types of families: 1) park families and, 2) pool familes.  The two rarely merge.

We swim as a family year round, especially on vacation.  When choosing a hotel I only have two criteria: free breakfast and a pool.  And I'd take a water park over a roller coaster and mouse ears any day. 

2) It's something you can do for life.  My Dad encouraged me to learn a sport that doesn't involve shoulder pads, helmets and weighing as much as possible.  Swimming is a great way to exercise every muscle in your body;  and it's nearly impossible to get injured.

3) Swimming is a life skill.   I am saddened to read that ten children have drowned in Chicago since June 14th.  Our city has a great lakefront and public pool system; if I ever had the "keys" to youth programming I would invest in kids swimming lessons and teams. 

Teach your kids to swim.  It's fun, great exercise and can save lives.

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