Donald Trump Scores Big for Obama 2012

Donald Trump Scores Big for Obama 2012

Let's face facts people: Donald Trump would get booted off his own reality show.

The Apprentice is prefaced on the idea that leaders possesses character, determination and leadership.

If Trump were a contestant I would give him points for determination alone.  Determination to torpedo Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.

Trump took  to the airwaves (again) to champion the "birther" movement; the belief that President Obama was not born in the United States and therefore is not eligible to hold the office.   He  bullied CNN's Wolf Blitzer, leading columnist George Will to call him a bloviating ignoramus.

Trump's ego and mop are legendary.  He's tried to play the politcal game on his own terms, threatening to run for president long enough to create a monumental distraction only to drop out in favor of lobbing grenades at the other candidates.

Trump made his latest birther comments prior to hosting a fundraiser in Las Vegas for Republican nominee Mitt Romney.   Why, you ask, is Romney not only taking money from Trump but sharing a stage with him?  Good question.  Certainly not to sway independents in a tight race.

Here's the thing: Even if you embrace the idea that Obama was born in Kenya (I don't), there's no end game. It's a dead issue, yet Trump persists in being the schoolyard goon, tailing kids and flicking them in the nape of the neck until they have no choice but to turn around and scream KNOCK IT OFF!!

Donald Trump as presidential gadfly reminds me of Ross Perot. If I were a Romney spin doctor I would drop a dime on Perot and have him take on Trump in an ultimate fundraiser, a pay-per-view MMA match in which they could beat the lunacy out of each other.

So what is Trump's end game?

If he truly wants Romney to win in November, he should start by putting a sock in the birther talk.

Because the real winner in the Trump birther saga is President Obama.

Whenever Trump opens his mouth I picture Obama campaign headquarters as Animal House dancing to "Shout" complete with togas, booze, balloons and goodie bags.

Every minute that voters focus on birth certificates, dogs tied on top of cars and mommy wars is time not spent talking about the economy. 

The Romney camp must view Trump as a crazed toddler on their international flight, trapped in their seats, hours on end, with a screaming, spitting hunk of immaturity.

It's time for Mitt Romney to take charge of his campaign, beginning by telling Donald Trump, "You're fired."



Should Donald Trump stick to real estate and reality T.V.?  I would enjoy hearing from you.  And I'll never say, "You're fired" if you like us on facebook.


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    Trump's receding into irrelevance faster than his hairline.

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    Well said and thanks for reading.

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