The Avengers: 3 Reasons I'm Not Teaming Up With The Marvel Gang

The Avengers: 3 Reasons I'm Not Teaming Up With The Marvel Gang
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This Friday marks the premiere of  Marvel Comics The Avengers, a film I'm confident will be a big hit.

Just not in our house.

I don't know much about the film, other than it's a cartoon with several superheroes who I'm sure will save the world from some form of evil within a couple of hours.

But I will spend my movie dollars elsewhere for three reasons:


1.  I don't like science fiction.  

Sci-fi just isn't my thing.  Never has been.  As a kid, while my friends were watching Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica or Space 1999 (guess they missed the boat on that one huh?) I either grudgingly went along or stayed home playing electric football.

The closest I got to sci-fi was Clutch Cargo, he of the quivering lips and trusty dog Paddlefoot.


2.  I really don't like science fiction.  

Let's face it, sometimes, make that quite a bit as a parent, you have to take one for the team.

My son loves science fiction, so through the years I've watched my share of flying saucers and mutants taking over the subway.

Two memories stand out.

I took my twins, then 12, to see Avatar.  It was a late showing (8:30 kickoff) in 3-D.

My son was mesmerized.  My daughter?  On the ride home she said, "I remember three things: Walking into the theater, going to the bathroom, and leaving."  I was somewhere in between, though the shock of having my chin bounce up from my chest out of a deep sleep to the thrust of several avatars in my grill had me screaming toward the fire door.

Recently my son and I watched Inception.  As my wife came down the stairs, about 2/3 of the way through the film, I sent her a text message that read, "I have no clue what this is about."

3.  I love sci-fi, kinda.  

If there's one aspect of sci-fi I love it's the lack of ambiguity.  There's no question, within the first 15 minutes of The Avengers, moviegoers will know EXACTLY who the enemy is.

I love cop shows and courtroom dramas.  The other night I was discussing Blue Bloods, one of my favorite television shows, with some friends.

Blue Bloods is about the Reagans, an Irish Catholic family in New York City.  The characters have complexity yet their mission is clear:  As a family they round up and put away the bad guys.  Dad (Tom Selleck) is the police commissioner, while his three sons are cops (one killed in the line of duty) and his daughter is an assistant district attorney.

It's a simple formula: Reagans good, crooks bad.

So while I won't take in The Avengers, I do appreciate the good vs. evil nature of the genre.

I just prefer business suits and badges to capes and exploding biceps.


Are you planning to catch The Avengers?  Do you dig sci-fi?  I would love to hear from you.

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    Not a big fan of the movies because you can only show so much on screen. And it's really a big fanboy orgy it seems.

    You should read the comics because they're better and is far more complex than just good-vs. - evil

  • In reply to Evolutionary High:

    Thanks for reading and your comment. I read comic pages from time to time, but just prefer the "real life" variety.

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