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Blackhawks' issues a factor of puck possession

Are the Blackhawks weaker defensively or do they simply have the puck less? “One of our big strengths is puck-possession.  You look at some of the forwards that can hang onto the puck, even the D that can move the puck up, it should be better.  Why it’s not?  There’s really no answer for it,”... Read more »

A closer look at Kane's numbers

Patrick Kane’s smooth move to center-ice was part of the reason the Blackhawks got out of the gate quickly. We can better gauge Kane’s play in the middle, however, after a road-heavy November schedule, when opponents dictate the matchups and the job is more taxing physically. Here are his numbers for the first two months:... Read more »

Kane weighs in on "Luigi"

Ask Patrick Kane a question about Daniel Carcillo and he’ll roll his eyes and grin. Are you sick of talking about him? “He’s pretty painful especially around the locker room.  It’s alright, we’ll deal with him.” Is it more painful in here or out on the ice? “Good question.  I’ve gotta deal with him on... Read more »

Toews tested as captain

Tomorrow, we’ll head “on the breakaway” with Jonathan Toews during the Blackhawks Central pregame show (WGN 720AM, 7:10 p.m.) before the Blackhawks and Blue Jackets square off.  Here are two things No. 19 covers. This year has tested Toews’ ability as the Blackhawks captain.     “There are so many different things being thrown at you, everything... Read more »


Every coach in the National Hockey League will say the same thing Joel Quenneville mentioned this morning.    “You’re top guys, we expect them to be our top players.  That’s always what makes the ship work and go,” Quenneville said. Captain Cook Right now, that ship is off-course. “(I) defintely want to score some more... Read more »


Who “inspired” Patrick Sharp during the Blackhawks six-game circus trip?   The “Doctor”: Patrick Kane        “Well, I’m just trying to stay ahead of Kane,” quipped Sharp, who paced the Blackhawks with five goals and eight points during the two-week journey.  “He’s a tough guy to keep pace with.  It seems like the puck’s... Read more »