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Canucks game shows what Blackhawks need at the deadline

There’s no question the Blackhawks did lots of good things in Tuesday’s 3-2 overtime loss in Vancouver. Ultimately, puck management and play without the puck determined the outcome. That’s been a theme for the Blackhawks throughout the season and underscored during a 5-5-3 January. While the issue doesn’t rest solely with the group on the... Read more »

Blackhawks best defenseman may surprise you

The Blackhawks best overall defenseman during the first six weeks of the season is Nick Leddy. Leddy paces team defensemen with two goals and 10 points, while averaging just over 21 minutes of ice-time each night. He’s been steady in his own end (+4 rating) and consistently involved in the attack.  His vision and ability... Read more »

Only the "engine" can drive the Blackhawks into contention

Getting markers from Duncan Keith and Nick Leddy the other night in Columbus are more than welcome sights, they’re necessities. Goal-production from the back-end has been in short supply this year.  Heading into the six-game road trip, Blackhawks defensemen scored only 12 goals, collectively.  Only the Leafs, Islanders and Devils had fewer. The engine that... Read more »


I fielded a postgame call from a gentleman worried about Nick Leddy’s contract.   To paraphrase: “Don’t the Blackhawks have a big decision coming up with Nick Leddy?  Are they going to send him back?” When it comes to the cap, there’s plenty to be confused about.  I’m in that group; I regularly talk to... Read more »