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The issue with NHL justice

Does anybody remember the suspension NHL sheriff Brendan Shanahan handed out during the preseason to Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman James Wisniewski? Wisniewski was suspended for the remainder of the preseason and the first eight games of the regular season for elbowing Minnesota Wild forward Cal Clutterbuck. That sent a shock wave around the league.  Shanahan... Read more »

Talk about concussions should center on player respect

Talk about concussions should center on player respect
Talk about concussions in the National Hockey League has grown louder this past week with Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger announcing he’s done for the year due to the issue. Maybe because it’s a warrior like Pronger or the fact no one is quite sure how he got it (most think it was an after-effect... Read more »

Something to think about on the Blackhawks circus trip

Every team in the National Hockey League will get pasted once or twice a season. Maybe it’s because of injuries, travel, scheduling, a red-hot opponent, bad bounces, awful calls or combination of all of the above, every club in the league will take it in the teeth during an 82-game season. Watching the Blackhawks get... Read more »

Let's have some sanity when it comes to Probert's brain

To suggest fighting should be banned because Bob Probert’s brain had evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopaphy is overstating things at best and a wild leap of logic at worst. Put the fighting debate aside, even the doctor who examined Probert’s brain said he’s not sure exactly how CTE came into Probert’s life.   “I suspect... Read more »


The best general managers in the National Hockey League must have far more than an eye for talent; how to procure it; and how to piece it together.   They have to be able to manage the salary cap.    Small market GMs will tell you that missing on high draft picks can have long-lasting... Read more »