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Goaltending speculation begins as Blackhawks hit the road

Marty Turco gets the start against the Blue Jackets tonight, when the Blackhawks kick-off a crucial six-game road trip. I can hear the speculation now: “Quenneville is trying to motivate Corey Crawford.” “The Blackhawks are shaking things up.” “Has the coach has lost his mind?” Whatever you may think about Marty Turco, the Blackhawks need... Read more »


Signing Marty Turco is sheer brilliance. The Blackhawks signed a goalie who might be better than the man he’s replacing; a player who’s desperate to hoist the Cup; and they did it for less than half of Niemi’s price (and only a one-year commitment). Antii Niemi has an indelible spot in Chicago sports lore for... Read more »