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Canucks game shows what Blackhawks need at the deadline

There’s no question the Blackhawks did lots of good things in Tuesday’s 3-2 overtime loss in Vancouver. Ultimately, puck management and play without the puck determined the outcome. That’s been a theme for the Blackhawks throughout the season and underscored during a 5-5-3 January. While the issue doesn’t rest solely with the group on the... Read more »

The instigator rule and the interest in John Scott

When it comes to John Scott, I get it. I love the enforcers.  I love the elements they can bring to the game. But this is not the ’80s.  Guys like Behn Wilson, Dave Manson and Al Secord could engage opponents whether they wanted to or not.  That struck fear in the other team because... Read more »


For two years, the most popular topic among Blackhawks Central postgame callers has been: “We need a tough guy!” Now the Blackhawks have one and no one likes him. Keep in mind, the Blackhawks won a Stanley Cup Championship without a heavyweight enforcer/tough-guy/rockhead… name your term.  But, I digress. John Scott is there to be... Read more »