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Canucks game shows what Blackhawks need at the deadline

There’s no question the Blackhawks did lots of good things in Tuesday’s 3-2 overtime loss in Vancouver. Ultimately, puck management and play without the puck determined the outcome. That’s been a theme for the Blackhawks throughout the season and underscored during a 5-5-3 January. While the issue doesn’t rest solely with the group on the... Read more »

Only the "engine" can drive the Blackhawks into contention

Getting markers from Duncan Keith and Nick Leddy the other night in Columbus are more than welcome sights, they’re necessities. Goal-production from the back-end has been in short supply this year.  Heading into the six-game road trip, Blackhawks defensemen scored only 12 goals, collectively.  Only the Leafs, Islanders and Devils had fewer. The engine that... Read more »


It was just a snapshot.   But, it typified what ailed the Blackhawks in the first half and what it will take to change things in the second half. There was Duncan Keith — the reigning Norris Trophy winner — quietly sitting in the Staples Center box last night serving his delay of game penalty... Read more »