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Production, scoring and Bickell

How much should a third and fourth line produce?  That was a topic of conversation during last night’s postgame show, following the Blackhawks loss in Pittsburgh. All four lines need to be productive, but in the National Hockey League, only two lines are counted on to score, consistently.  The Blackhawks have gotten that; thus the... Read more »

A move to get Hossa the puck

Marian Hossa will have a true centerman on Wednesday against the Wild. Head Coach Joel Quenneville will put Dave Bolland in the middle with Hossa and Michael Frolik on the wings.  Hossa is the type of winger, similar to Kane, that needs a center who can get him the puck to have an impact.  ... Read more »


So much of the Blackhawks success during the past two years came from rolling four lines (no matter what combination) and generating wave after wave of momentum.   Individuals on the top two lines have had a sporadic impact (Sharp, Hossa, Kane, Toews).  The fourth line has been a consistent energy generator.   The third... Read more »