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Canucks game shows what Blackhawks need at the deadline

There’s no question the Blackhawks did lots of good things in Tuesday’s 3-2 overtime loss in Vancouver. Ultimately, puck management and play without the puck determined the outcome. That’s been a theme for the Blackhawks throughout the season and underscored during a 5-5-3 January. While the issue doesn’t rest solely with the group on the... Read more »

What desperation is doing to the Blackhawks

This is a different Blackhawks team since the Ice Show road trip. Desperation (i.e. sitting 11th in the Western Conference with eight weeks to play) will do that to you. They are starting to make the physical sacrifice.  Monday afternoon in St. Louis, the Blackhawks blocked 18 shots, including nine from Brent Seabrook and Brian... Read more »

Officiating out of Blackhawks control

The officials haven’t done the Blackhawks any favors lately.  And while that can rattle teams, the cold reality is they have to find the resolve to play through it. The Blackhawks could have had a 4-0 first period lead in Dallas, but the officials on the ice (and the hockey operations department in Toronto) denied... Read more »