Something to think about on the Blackhawks circus trip

Every team in the National Hockey League will get pasted once or twice a season.

Maybe it’s because of injuries, travel, scheduling, a red-hot opponent, bad bounces, awful calls or combination of all of the above, every club in the league will take it in the teeth during an 82-game season.

Watching the Blackhawks get blitzed by Edmonton 9-2 was alarming, though.  Down 5-1  after one period, there was no response.  The Blackhawks recorded two hits in the middle frame and gave the Oilers five power-play chances (on which they scored four times).  In the third period, no one seemed bothered that Taylor Hall was gunning for his fourth goal of the night.

That leads to a bigger question.  Do the last two nights in Calgary and Edmonton, shake the belief you had in the team after a convincing 5-1 win in Vancouver to start the circus trip?


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  • The problem is, they didn't really play the first 2 periods against the Nucks very well either. Crawford kept them in long enough for Vancouver to give the game up. Plus, the recent games in Canada are far from the first time this has happened this year. They were schooled by the Nucks a week prior, and the performance against the Hurricanes wasn't much better. No, the score was not as bad, but the play was pretty lack-luster. Add in a couple of games that they won when the most likely shouldn't have and I see a reason for concern.

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