Blackhawks best defenseman may surprise you

The Blackhawks best overall defenseman during the first six weeks of the season is Nick Leddy.

Leddy paces team defensemen with two goals and 10 points, while averaging just over 21 minutes of ice-time each night.

He’s been steady in his own end (+4 rating) and consistently involved in the attack.  His vision and ability to read the play are exceptional for a 20-year-old.

Here’s what he sees when he’s coming up the ice:

“I’m looking for the first play I see that can work,” he said.  “If there’s a guy open, obviously I’m gonna try and move it.  If I can beat a guy or get around him and open up a play, that’s what I’m really trying to do.”

If you see that first play, but you also see an option to skate, which do you choose?

“It kinda depends on the play.  If that guy is gonna get pressured soon after, then maybe I’ll skate it, but probably pass it.”

Leddy added that his confidence is steadily progressing.  Imagine how good he’ll be when he’s old enough to rent a car ... (which is age 25, without excessive fees).


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  • Leddy was the best overall player on the ice last night (forgiving that one PK blunder when he gave his opponent inside position). He had more than a few spectacular moments defensively and offensively.

    I am thankful to hear that his play illustrates where his head is. With the obvious comparisons to Campbell going around, his ability to see and read the play is a crucial part to his success. I often found Campbell putting another player in jeopardy by making a pass to a player who had impending pressure. Seeing that Leddy looks out for his teammates and is willing to take the hit, or hold on for another few seconds is what makes him even more effective.

    Now if he could only put on a few pounds as he ages.

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