A closer look at Kane's numbers

Patrick Kane’s smooth move to center-ice was part of the reason the Blackhawks got out of the gate quickly.

We can better gauge Kane’s play in the middle, however, after a road-heavy November schedule, when opponents dictate the matchups and the job is more taxing physically.

Here are his numbers for the first two months:

11GP, 4G, 7A, +6

14GP, 3G, 10A, +3

The overall stats are comparable.  Where the numbers start to diverge is home vs. road:

11GP, 5G, 9A, +11

14GP, 2G, 8A, -2

After notching a goal and an assist against the Vancouver Canucks, Kane finished the circus trip with two assists the rest of the way.

“I think overall you can probably play better as a person and try to produce a little bit more,” Kane said, when asked about the trip.  “I had some good games; had some not so good games.  I just have to try and stay consistent.”

It’s a big adjustment for Kane.  He has more responsibility and he has to play end-to-end every night.

If the Blackhawks want to come at teams in waves offensively, which also allows them to limit time in their own zone (sound like a Stanley Cup team anybody remembers?), Kane’s line has to recapture its effectiveness, both at home and on the road.

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