Kane weighs in on "Luigi"

Ask Patrick Kane a question about Daniel Carcillo and he’ll roll his eyes and grin.

Are you sick of talking about him?

“He’s pretty painful especially around the locker room.  It’s alright, we’ll deal with him.”

Is it more painful in here or out on the ice?

“Good question.  I’ve gotta deal with him on my line.  It’s not fun playing with the guy, but at the same time he’s a couple stalls away from me.  We call him "Luigi".  He’s been a real treat around here.”

Who gave him the nickname?

“Me and Hoss (Marian Hossa).  I think the nickname kinda got to him, because he shaved his mustache.   He looked like "Luigi" from Mario Bros.  Guess we’ve gotta come up with a new one for him.”

Was it one of the worst mustaches you’ve ever seen?

“I agree.  Pretty dirty.  The boys kind of enjoyed it around here.”

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