Let's have some sanity when it comes to Probert's brain

To suggest fighting should be banned because Bob Probert's brain had evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopaphy is overstating things at best and a wild leap of logic at worst.

Put the fighting debate aside, even the doctor who examined Probert's brain said he's not sure exactly how CTE came into Probert's life.  

"I suspect that most of the trauma that caused him to have CTE came from his fighting instead of just playing hockey, but we don't know how much ice hockey contributed," Dr. Robert Cantu told the Chicago Tribune.  "All of the checks that beat a player's head up against the glass or boards can cause violent shaking of the brain and contribute to CTE."


Should hits against the boards and glass be outlawed?  That happens every single game.  The frequency of fighting doesn't compare.

Remember (and it's hard to re-hash these things because I loved the guy), Probert was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in 1994, which caused him to miss the entire season.  That could have easily contributed to CTE.

Should we forbid people from riding motorcycles?  

Probert also battled the demons of addiction.  Can we rule that out as a contributor?

Bill Daly, the NHL deputy commissioner, had the appropriate response: "Findings with respect to one particular player are not going to cause us to do anything that we are not already doing."
Instead of a knee-jerk reaction -- particularly from opponents to fighting -- take a comprehensive look at what triggers brain injuries in the NHL and what can be done to protect players.

Probert would fight for that.  

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