Toews tested as captain

Tomorrow, we'll head "on the breakaway" with Jonathan Toews during the Blackhawks Central pregame show (WGN 720AM, 7:10 p.m.) before the Blackhawks and Blue Jackets square off.  Here are two things No. 19 covers.

This year has tested Toews' ability as the Blackhawks captain.    
"There are so many different things being thrown at you, everything the fans say, the media and the people that doubt what you can do as a team," Toews said.  "We've had our share of rough moments as a team, but I think we remember that winning is more fun and that making those sacrifices and paying those prices is going to be worth it in the end."   



Toews told Patrick Sharp he'll take care of the defensive side of the puck, so he can concentrate on scoring.  

"Playing with a guy like Sharpie and (Patrick Kane), maybe I'm not shooting the puck as much, but I can go out there and do my job." he said.  "Sometimes I won't be the first guy back in our own zone, but Sharpie knows where to go down low to fill in as far as taking over defensive responsibilities.  A lot of times I just try to tell him if offensive chances come -- maybe when you read a play and you jump a little earlier than you should and you take a chance -- I can be the responsible guy and be the tentative player so Sharpie and Kaner can go take advantage of opportunities like that.  We've had some success the last five or six games.  The last two games we were still getting chances, but pucks didn't go in.  So we'll keep playing well and everything will be fine."   
Oddly enough, it's Toews who's been even more productive, passing Sharp for the team's overall scoring lead.   

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