A move to get Hossa the puck

Marian Hossa will have a true centerman on Wednesday against the Wild.

Head Coach Joel Quenneville will put Dave Bolland in the middle with Hossa and Michael Frolik on the wings.  Hossa is the type of winger, similar to Kane, that needs a center who can get him the puck to have an impact.  

"(Hossa's) more effective and much more influential in the game when he does have (the puck) because he protects it and his strength in that area.  All of a sudden, something positive can develop," Quenneville said.  "Hopefully, that line can have the puck a little bit more.  And Hossa, I thought last game (against the Coyotes on Saturday) he played like he did have the puck a lot more and he was more of a factor." 



Why didn't Q put Bolland and Hossa together earlier?  That's difficult to answer.  The Blackhawks have tried to slot Bolland as the second line center in the past, but they haven't gotten the offensive results.  

Does he feel added pressure to create or score?  Does it throw him off his game if he can't play the "shut-down" role.  Sometimes that happens with skilled checking centers.     

To keep Bolland in his comfort zone, Quenneville will still match him against the opponent's top line.

"There's a good chance that's going to happen," Quenneville said.

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