The instigator rule and the interest in John Scott

When it comes to John Scott, I get it.

I love the enforcers.  I love the elements they can bring to the game.


But this is not the '80s.  Guys like Behn Wilson, Dave Manson and Al Secord could engage opponents whether they wanted to or not.  That struck fear in the other team because they had the power to "police" the game.  

Because of the instigator rule, guys like John Scott have had their effectiveness impaired.  

He can't just grab a guy and go because that would net him 17 minutes in penalties, putting the Blackhawks shorthanded and forcing Joel Quenneville to double-shift a player or two.  

The instigator has made many players feel bigger and braver than they would have been a generation ago.  

Regardless, the core players are the guys who decide games most nights.  And the Blackhawks core -- in Jonathan Toews' words -- were too easy to play against at both end of the ice against the Flyers on Sunday.     

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