Chris Chelios was a polarizing figure when he played.  He was the guy you hated with a passion on the other team.  However, if he wore your colors, he had a special place in your heart.


I can understand where there still might be bitterness when it comes to No. 7.  Chelios went to the Blackhawks' biggest rival and won two Stanley Cups.  

But, he didn't leave Chicago on his own.  He was TRADED to the Red Wings.  And even if he had a say in his destination (which is highly debatable), it was the team that made the ultimate choice.  

They could have dealt him to the Eastern Conference.  They could have moved him somewhere else in the West.  And it certainly would have helped if Anders Eriksson and the two first round draft picks in the deal (Steve McCarthy and Adam Munro) turned out to be better players.

Some Blackhawks fans may want to re-think their rancor.     

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