So much of the Blackhawks success during the past two years came from rolling four lines (no matter what combination) and generating wave after wave of momentum.  

Individuals on the top two lines have had a sporadic impact (Sharp, Hossa, Kane, Toews).  The fourth line has been a consistent energy generator.  


The third line ... well ... it hasn't materialized.

When asked about the importance his third line has played in the past, Head Coach Joel Quenneville said:  "We seem to lose momentum in games and it's not one line that's doing it.  Sometimes I think it's been across the board, where I think we should all share in some of that responsibility.  Let's make sure we're all bringing momentum to the game, as opposed to taking it away, whether it's one group or one guy, I think we can all improve in that area.

The keystone piece is (and has been) Dave Bolland.  His ability to check and chip in points makes the Blackhawks work in harmony.   

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