I love NHL coach-speak.

When Brent Sutter was the head coach of the New Jersey Devils he fired this line at me: "The game is 60 minutes.  You don't know which minute will be the difference."
The tendency, after the Predators last-minute, game-winning power play goal on Wednesday, is to blame Blackhawks defenseman Nick Boynton's delay-of-game penalty.

But weren't there plays in the 57 minutes prior that could have been just as decisive? 

In the second, the Blackhawks had ample zone-time, but rookie Anders Lindback didn't have to make any crucial saves.  In the third, a missed shot allowed the Preds to waltz out of their end, gain speed in the neutral zone and knuckle in the game-tying goal on a deflection.  There are other missed plays that could have figured in the outcome.
"We beat ourselves.  We stopped playing after the first period.  We just kind of took it easy," said Blackhawks winger Tomas Kopecky.  "The puck kind of stood up on Boynts.  It happened to me last game and I know the feeling.  They took advantage on the power play.  And that's the way it is.

"We've got a really good team here right now.  We believe (in) ourselves and we know when we play good and when we play average."

The Blackhawks need better effort and execution across the entire game.    

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