For two years, the most popular topic among Blackhawks Central postgame callers has been: "We need a tough guy!"

Now the Blackhawks have one and no one likes him.

Keep in mind, the Blackhawks won a Stanley Cup Championship without a heavyweight enforcer/tough-guy/rockhead... name your term.  But, I digress.

John Scott is there to be a deterrent.  He did that last night against the Blues.  

Scott had only six shifts, four of which came in the first period.  He drilled Matt D'Agostini, one of the Blues skilled players; jousted with Brad Winchester, a potential threat, before a faceoff; and he took a cross-checking penalty.  That's sending a message to a team that likes to mix it up and making the most of limited minutes.  

I'd love to have a guy like Al Secord, Cam Neely, Rick Tocchet or Scott Stevens in the lineup.  EVERYBODY WOULD.  And every team in the NHL is looking for a guy like that.

Even the guys that can play the way those legends did are dissuaded from dropping the mitts because coaches and GMs want those guys on the ice, not in the box ... and heaven forbid they break a hand and miss a month or two.  

Sure, John Scott has his flaws.  But every player in the Blackhawks dressing room is glad to have a guy like that wearing an Indianhead.   

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