I had a long chat with Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry in Cincinnati this weekend.  We covered a variety of topics, including his managerial search.

"I'm looking for somebody, at the end of the day, that understands the entire mission of the organization and the Ricketts family," Hendry said.  "Somebody who understands how tough a job it is, and that's hard to pinpoint completely until you sit in that seat.

"(He has to) understand the aura that the Cubs have, not just locally also nationally.   Somebody that's going to be really in tune to the entire program, from the player development all the way up.  And (someone who has) a very cooperative relationship with the front office and the community.

"It's really a big, big job and that's why we have every intention of taking our time and narrowing the field down until we find the right person."

I'll play the full interview -- which includes why there are so many managerial openings in baseball; the trend toward younger players; and the trade action he expects before the August roster deadline -- Tuesday night on the Cubs 10th Inning Postgame Show.

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