Lately, Lou Piniella has put Tyler Colvin in the lead-off spot and Starlin Castro in the 2-hole.  That will change in years to come.

At 20 years old, being a productive big-leaguer is hard enough.  The Cubs don't want to overburden Castro by putting him at the top of the order now.  Colvin is also a rookie, but he's better equipped mentally, being almost five years older than the Cubs phenom at short.

Plus, Castro is still learning how to steal bases, which is a prototypical skill for a lead-off man. 

"He has to learn the moves of the pitchers.  Be better on the pitching counts," said Cubs first base coach and Castro mentor Ivan DeJesus.  "To steal bases, you don't have to be a fast runner.  If you study the pitcher well, you can get a good jump and that's the most important thing.  If you have even average speed you can make it.  Any good base stealer, not only him, they do that."

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