Cubs Starters Need To Go Deep

Cubs pitching is already under stress with the offense still slumbering.  Following Carlos Zambrano's one inning implosion and dugout explosion on the South Side, that burden will only intensify.  

The Cubs bullpen has logged 14 innings during the past two games.  And the Cubs have just started a stretch where they play 20 straight days against some strong offensive teams (White Sox, Reds, Diamondbacks and Dodgers).  

Making matters worse, baseball rules prohibit the Cubs from replacing Zambrano's spot on the roster during his suspension.  So, the team will have to play one man short.   

This is awfully familiar to a situation last year in August when Zambrano had a short outing in Florida and was scratched minutes before a start in Colorado, which put a massive strain on team pitching.    


The Cubs will need some deep starts, but more importantly, run production to keep its hopes alive. 

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