Old Man Kills Young Bully (Over Lawn Pee): Clint Eastwood is not a funny movie

Old Man Kills Young Bully (Over Lawn Pee): Clint Eastwood is not a funny movie

I've been listening to people defend this for TWO WEEKS NOW:

The (69 year old) man who shot dead a (23 year old) guy who let his dog pee on the old man's lawn walks free, and people all around Chicago are applauding vigilante justice.

I'm stunned at how many people there are just sitting around, waiting to shoot someone. For anything.

Yes, for sure, bullying needs to be addressed in this country -- but he could have shot into the air, shot the dog, anything other than chase the kid down the street and KILL HIM.

Somebody who's made it through 69 years of life should know better.

But it's not the story that's surprising -- people are rarely rational, and we all do and say things we regret during an argument -- what's amazing are all the supposedly rational people arguing death for lawn pee (not exactly "an eye for an eye").

Our heads are so full of movie plots and reasonable fictional outcomes that we imagine this to be a real-life scenario -- the old man is Clint Eastwood, law-abiding citizen (who just happens to carry a loaded weapon) and the younger kid is "a punk" (he still listens to NOFX, that bastard) and when ol' Clint finally stands up for himself at the end it's badass and somehow charming. Hey, he's kinda sexy for an old man. You wanna run neighborhood watch? There's some cleaning up to do in this town, and some damn punk just littered down at the 7-11. Whatt'ya say?

"Where's my rifle."



There's more to the story and YOU have no clue what it is.

That's why I remain 100% anti-gun.

It's way too easy to play out that movie.

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