Moment of Silence Back in Place for IL Schools

So the injunction banning IL from requiring schools to observe a moment of silence at some point during the day has been lifted (google "IL moment of silence").

I'm embarassed by the state I live in more and more every day. From crooked politicians flaunting their freedome in our faces, to other politicians going to the same old routine and cutting into our weekly checks to pay for the mistakes they've made, to schools now basically requiring prayer.

That's right: prayer.

It's impossible to disguise (btw, when you DO google "IL moment of silence," an awful lot of religiously-oriented websites pop up in celebration).

You can tell a child it's not -- you can debate the non-ideology behind it in court all you want -- the fact is, when a child observes a moment of silence, it's for one of two reasons: they're praying or somebody's dead.

It's like telling a kid Santa is coming, but he should still say "Happy holidays" to everyone, so as not to offend. The kid still knows it's damn Christmas.

Kids don't get your political games. And kids don't "reflect." Things just mean stuff to them.

When I was a kid, we had SSR -- Sustained Silent Reading -- for 15 minutes at the beginning of every day.

You want kids to "reflect"? Give them a damn book. Nobody makes them read anymore, otherwise.

I'm sure they're learning religion just fine at home.

Stay out of this one Illinois. You're already too corrupt -- you don't need to be the first to toe the dangerous waters of combining church with government and public school.

What's next?

"A moment of reflection during which we suggest you consider thinking about the nice man we called Jesus Christ, not because you're necessarily Christian or anything, but just because he was a cool dude. Right? Wasn't he? Think about it."

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