The Best Way to Meet Your Mate!

If you're over the age of 25 and you're still single you've probably tried everything to meet new people from online dating to speed dating to Tinder. And all you have to show for your efforts are mediocre dates, bad dates and worst dates. You probably think that you've tried everything and meeting the right person in impossible. Well J.O.Y.  Love is crashing your pity party to deliver some good news. There is a new way to meet people on the market and in my expert dating opinion besides matchmaking this is one of the best ways to meet your mate.

Pheromone parties are the new up and coming way people are meeting. The way it works is you sleep in a plain white tshirt for 3 nights with no cologne or perfume. You then put the shirt in a zip lock bag and bring it to the pheromone party where you are assigned a number. Only you and the party host knows what shirt belongs to you. You put your bagged t shirt on a table with the other shirts and everyone opens the bags and sniffs the shirts at leisure throughout the party.

Once you find a shirt that you think smells attractive you go the photographer at the party and you have your photo taken while holding the numbered bagged t-shirt. They project the picture on a big screen at the party and if the person whom the shirt belongs to thinks you are attractive he or she will approach you and there is a match. All of the pictures are posted on social media so you have a second chance at finding your match if you missed each other at the party.

The reason this is the best way to find your mate is because it is based on science. Pheromones are the hormones that attract us to each other on the most primal levels. When you find your match based on primal instincts there is no room for your conscious mind and long list of deal breakers and what ifs to get in away. You are matched by who you are biologically attracted to. If you've tried everything and it hasn't worked try a pheromone party. You can get more information here.




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