Great Date Ideas!

Great Date Ideas!

Yay!! You got a hot date! Now you have to decide how you’re going to spend your time with this cool new person that you want to get to know.

Dinner and a movie is usually the standard  date but J.O.Y. Love wants you to raise the bar and do something more worthwhile than the standard.   Dinner can be awkward because you’re already nervous and now you have to worry about table etiquette with someone new. ‘Do I have parsley in my teeth?’ ‘Is spaghetti sauce on my tie?’ ‘Which fork do I use?’ Save yourself this unnecessary stress and skip dinner for your next date.

And avoid movies at all costs. During a movie you can’t talk and interact with the person so there is zero chance that you will get to know him or her. Below are three dating ideas that will ensure you will have fun, genuinely get to know the person and perhaps form a connection.

Take a class together

Sign up for a one day cooking workshop, a ballroom dance class or ski lessons. When you try something new the chemical reaction that occurs in the brain is the same as the chemical reaction you feel when you fall in love. Engaging in an endorphin inducing activity together will increase your chances of bonding with your date. It will also give you a shared experience to look back on together and smile.

Have a one-on-one talent show

Get together and show off your greatest talent. Do you write awesome poetry? Maybe your date plays the guitar? Do you need someone to practice your upcoming sales presentation in front of? Perhaps your date just drafted the blue print for an awesome new building and is dying to share it?

Spend an evening  demonstrating your talents and giving and receiving feedback from one another. Getting to know each other’s work whether it be artistic work or professional work will give you two the opportunity to really connect and to perhaps grow together.

Take a long walk on the beach

Great dates cannot be discussed without the obligatory mention of long walks on the beach. 'I like long walks on the beach.' Is the quintessential opener to a personals ad or online dating profile. The reason this cliché is so prevalent is because it’s actually a great date idea.

Getting outside together and being close to the lake or the ocean and other good scenery will put you in a feel good mood. And without the distraction of other activity a peaceful walk will set the stage for you to really focus on getting to know each other. If you don’t live near a beach visit a botanical garden or take a walk in a park. This date idea, is simple, fun and it costs nothing. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your date in a low pressure atmosphere.

Please share any great date ideas you have in the comment section!

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