The 3 Best Books About Love

The 3 Best Books About Love

The Art of Loving

Author: Erich Fromm

Synopsis:  Fromm who is a renown psychoanalyst with a background in sociology uses his expertise to give his readers a deeper understanding and appreciation of love in all of its forms. The Art of Loving analyzes many types of love including self love, erotic love, and romantic love. This book explains love as both a theory and a practice. It provides a thorough background on the art of loving along with practical instructions on how to love on the deepest level.

Why it’s the Best: This book is sophisticated and intellectual. It is intense and enlightening. Fromm debunks most of the common myths about love as he educates readers about the complexity of real love. This book isn’t gimmicky like most of the best selling dating books. Instead of providing readers with tactics on how to attract a partner he teaches readers how to practice the art of loving in an appropriate and mature fashion. This book will change the way you think about love and it will help you learn to love on a level that most of society has yet to experience.

The Astrology of Great Sex

Author: Myrna Lamb

Synopsis: This book gives an analysis of each zodiac sign’s preferences in love, sex and dating. Lamb, a professional astrologist did a series of interviews asking several men and women of each zodiac sign different questions including what attracts them to someone and what they like to do on a date. She always asked each subject a series of questions about their sexual attitudes and preferences. This book also features a compatibility section where readers can look up their sign and that of their lover’s (or potential lover’s) and read an analysis of how sexually compatible they are.

Why it’s the best: Whether you believe in astrology or not this book is engaging. It will help you to explore different aspects of your sexuality that you may have yet to experience. Also, some of the interviews on different subject’s sexual experiences and preferences are quite titillating. This would be a good book to read with your lover to spice things up. It is also a good book to help facilitate a dialog about your desires.

The Lover’s Companion

Art and Poetry of Desire

Author: Edited by Charles Sullivan Commentaries by Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer

Synopsis: This book is a compilation of both romantic and erotic art and poetry. There are poems from E.E. Cummings, Walt Whitman and many others. The art includes paintings, and photographs by Degas, Nan Goldin and Cindy Sherman. It also features prints and sculptures from ancient Tibet and Japan. In addition Dr. Ruth Westheimer provides an intriguing analysis of each piece.

Why it’s the best: This book is a celebration of love in one of its most beautiful forms; art and poetry. All of the pieces are beautiful, sensual and intriguing. And Westheimer’s analysis adds an extra layer that helps the reader appreciate both the art as well as the emotion of love on a deeper level.  This book is great to read alone or with a partner. And it is also a book that you can read several times and gain something new each time.



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