4 Reasons to Wait Until You're in a Relationship to Have Sex

4 Reasons to Wait Until You're in a Relationship to Have Sex

The hook up culture is a pervasive one. Magazines, television shows and movies glorify both one night stands and friends with benefits scenarios. Hooking up without a commitment has been normalized in today’s society. Many singles are anxious to get their sexual needs met but they don’t have the patience to wait until they’re in a situation where their emotional needs can be satisfied as well. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t mean you have to. Here are 4 reasons you should wait until you’re in a relationship to have sex.

You will lower your risk of contracting an STI

The safest sex is no sex at all but if abstinence isn’t for you monogamy is the next best thing. If both you and your partner get tested before you are intimate with each other and the results are negative, if you both stay faithful this significantly lowers your risk for STIs. On the other hand if you engage in intercourse before you are in a committed relationship this leaves the door open for your partner to be intimate with an infected person which could lead to him or her catching an STI and spreading it to you. Having sex outside of a committed relationship is like playing Russian roulette with your health. Is that risk really worth taking?

There is less of a chance for miscommunication

If you indulge before there is a commitment you may find yourself in a situation where one partner has the expectation that the physical relationship will turn into a romantic union and the other partner is just looking for a sexual release. Regardless of which end of the miscommunication you are on that kind of situation is never fun. All of the awkwardness, hurt feelings, and keyed cars can be avoided if you wait until you unite emotionally before you become one between the sheets. Why not wait until there is a commitment so you don’t have to guess if you and your partner are on the same page?

Anticipation is half the fun

Delayed gratification is usually the best kind. Think about eating a great meal when you’re really hungry. It’s much better than consuming something just for the sake of it when your appetite has yet to fully develop. When you wait instead of having sex immediately this gives you time to fantasize and yearn for the person. Having something to look forward to is always great. Anticipation is half the fun, why cut it short?

Making love is more enjoyable than f—king

The sex will be better if there is an exchange of emotion to back it up. Instead of a bunch of empty grinding it will feel better if you wait to have the kind of sex where you can share loving gazes, passionate embraces, and deep, meaningful kisses. If both parties feel emotionally safe and invested in each other the sex is more likely to be worthwhile and memorable. It’s easier to make that kind of intimate connection when you are in a relationship. So why not wait?


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